Social Intranets moving along in 2011 – helping us work smarter – not just harder

Lots of Social Media discussions on Intranets in May 2011. I found this timely as my org is  currently migrating our site Intranet to Sharepoint 2007 (no sign of Sharepoint 2010 just yet). And we’re so busy as that migration includes our Communities of Practice (vintage 2000)  & also our Standard Operating Procedures aka SOP’s in our  CMS (vintage 1990’s). 
Since 1991, these SOP’s have underpinned our 3rd party certifications for ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – AS 4801 (aka AS18001 in USA) –  CE Mark & a plethora of other international certifications that we need to sell our products globally … in the post GFC era we need ways to work smarter & not just harder … so effective Intranets are crucial to improving our efficiency.
So no surprise I liked Chris Swan’s earlier views on Intranets : Communication Portal or Employee Toolkit ?
And then to Intranets 2011 – Confererence Notes by Michael Sampson (aka @CollabGuy)
May 11 2011 Notes
May 12 2011 Notes

Coincidentally Dion Hinchcliffe has written an interesting article on “re-furbing” intranets – there’s heavy use of the “social” word – and worth a read – also have a look at James Dellow’s post on Dion Hinchcliffe’s ideas – more by James. Dion Hinchcliffe takes it even further in another article about data mining what an org knows : “the connections between people and the information they share” – still seems a mammoth undertaking to do this in the burgeoning explosion of data aka Big Data ? He’s on record as saying
” I think there is a lot to be said for intelligently connecting social tools to enterprise systems of record”  ….. in response to Samuel Driessen’s views : “And the integration with business tools like ERP is important as well!”

Loraine Lawson asks whats the big deal about Big Data – 

Big Data is big news these days. Still, I’m sure there are those among you who wonder whether Big Data is actually a big deal, or just a big bloated bag of hot air.” – then goes onto share her views … 

Coincidentally it’s also a topic that the folks at McKinsey have been looking at – under the current descriptor Big Data (?) – where they ask – “Can Big Data play a useful role ?” – see the full (long) report ?

And from Forrester’s Brian Hopkins looking at IBM’s recent symposium, the “Big Data” theme just seems to be encroaching  – they characterise it with the 3 “V’s” : Volume : Velocity : Variety. Of course in my opinion there has to be  another V : Value – ie the real Value or benefits that comes from what you get out of “Big Data“.

John Tropea has also been emphasising Value rather than a focus on Adoption of Web 2.0 technologies in organizations.

And then to leverage the actual Value from the other 3 “V’s” – employee engagement & passion is crucial as Dion Hinchliffe shared from another article he’d read.

More good posts on Intranets from the KerrieAnne’s Vaults : Googlereader, Delicious & Diigo

A Maven’s Magnet Personal Knowledge Management PKM Thoughts – What matters in Intranets for PKM  : Findability : Navigation / Search / Help Resources including Emergency Info  – NewsCollaboration / Interaction – able to Personalize/Customize for the Individual’s needs


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